Perpetual Home | A Pro-Choice Poem

I was once told, that my body is my only perpetual home One that I rightfully and eternally supposedly own. A home in which I paint the walls whatever colors I want And plant whatever flowers I choose to display up front. My home where I express myself, My life choices, plans, future, and health. … Continue reading Perpetual Home | A Pro-Choice Poem

Uterus Support: A Letter to Some of My Dudes

I sent this to many of the cis-het men I know. One of them (thanks, Mordecai!) asked me to make it a Medium post so he could share it. Thank you, Sharon Dolan for the inspiration. Hi, my cis-het dude friends and family! How are you doing? Great, I hope! So, as well-informed, thoughtful people, … Continue reading Uterus Support: A Letter to Some of My Dudes

Trigger Warning

At 13, she is already held responsible if her shoulders are showing in school, she is sent home on behalf of the boys who are distracted. She grew up like this. By 16, it’s supposedly her fault if she wore the wrong skirt, drank too much, made a mistake. What did she think would happen? … Continue reading Trigger Warning