Hermosos Tontos

Photo by Raina Cornish By Raina Cornish •  Woman- noun ; an adult human female.  Human. But to man we are property. Coware. What women do when a man raises a fist to her.. If a woman is too strong, she wants to be a MAN.  If a woman doesn’t listen to her husband or … Continue reading Hermosos Tontos

What I Want to See for the Future

Euro News Amaya Madarang •  Every older generation says, “Remember how we thought there’d be flying cars in the future.”  And everyone laughs and nods their heads.  “Look at us now!” the adults reply, mockingly.  Again, everyone laughs.  But, really what’s funny is that people still think that there will be flying cars in the … Continue reading What I Want to See for the Future

Riding Rising Waters

By Jourdan Lobban • It was endless  The sea of self-doubt Rejection Beating me  With its ruthless water  Every chance it got    It was brutal How it told me  Over and Over “You’re bad, Worthless.  Rude, Evil,  A sinner who needs saving.” All the while  I hung my head low Taking blow  After blow  … Continue reading Riding Rising Waters

Broken Tree

By Kiarran T. L. Diaz •  I will never know your happiness History only saved your pain Sleeping Ancestor, When we meet Will I represent your dreams, Or your shame? Ancestors tell me Where you sleep Where does your soul lie Do you laugh? Or do you weep Is there a home for you That … Continue reading Broken Tree

Nine Phases: Black Women Crying in the Bathroom

By Krystal Tang •  Take initiative - Okay here I go! I did it. Oh I did it slightly wrong...a different way? I didn’t do it right? Oops. Let me learn. Give me another chance? Teach me so I can grow.... “No”.  Gets belittled, screamed at, no empathy, no sympathy, everything you did right before gets … Continue reading Nine Phases: Black Women Crying in the Bathroom

Spots on the Rug

By Joshua Redd •  The House. The Red One. Right there on Macdonough. You can leave me on the corner, I’m fine. I live at the address, but the house isn’t mine.   The rules of ownership are entitled to the mother, the sister, the dogs, the roaches, the mice, the boyfriend, the nephew. My … Continue reading Spots on the Rug

Birmingham Burning

By Ayana Graham • I’ve foreseen spirits, visitations of death, fire eating off sheeted breath, Sometimes I see the outline of God’s back turned to me Wretched hands stroke the lynch knot and bear the karma of the lost little girls There was no good outcome, I was born as wood, a lit match splitting open … Continue reading Birmingham Burning

What My Mama Told Me

By Sinenhlanhla londiwe Meyiwa Magcaba •  What my mama told me My mama told me to grow up And be beautiful like our sunset, But what she forgot to tell me  Was to pack a gun for the world I was growing into had men with no scruples  And no respect for women  So before … Continue reading What My Mama Told Me

My Name Resides in Shabby Conformation

By Sinenhlanhla londiwe Meyiwa Magcaba •  My name resides in shabby conformation I take a few steps but then Fail to find the strength to face them Spank! I feel a hand on my bum I turn to shriek but words do not come out of my mouth Words have always failed me I cover … Continue reading My Name Resides in Shabby Conformation