Fire and Mud

Dirt on my tongue  Each time I swallow my protests  It travels past my throat  And down my esophagus  Each time I walk into a room And see stolen work caged and imprisoned Dirt in my mouth  As I listen to them speak  About those that look just like me  A pat on my shoulder  … Continue reading Fire and Mud

Black Music

The nerve of white men To read my email To read my email To read my email And still misspell my name He giggles and shrugs and says "its just so different" He’s never heard it before "Just where does that name come from?" "How does one get it out?" It is one name that … Continue reading Black Music

Stage 2

angry black girls clenching desks with tight fists holding their breath a breeze passing through their hair the pale hand of yet another ghost angry black girls the blacker the berry, sweet blood from biting lips holding one's tongue angry black girls sitting on stoops braiding hair summer was made for us and yet, Double … Continue reading Stage 2

Two Poets

Excuse me, I’d like to re-introduce myself. I’m a good time. A misunderstanding. A plea and a red flag all at once. I’ll forever be that boy who gets really excited when the sky is in pretty colors. You slip into my mind so quietly, --like air in a window I always forget to close,-- … Continue reading Two Poets

Mightier | A Poem About the Significance of Girls’ Education

“The pen is mightier than the sword” A sword that has grown from hate and drawn blood, Blood spilled onto books and the hearts of families Has sunk deeper into human veins than into a land’s mud. The girl is mightier than the hate, The hate that they paint in hope of spreading fear Shivers … Continue reading Mightier | A Poem About the Significance of Girls’ Education

My Name is Pronounced ‘Revolution’

i trace america's outline on a map, flinch when i reach the thirteen. a single prick on my fingertip. a single drop of blood falls. (the shape of a dog bares its teeth) another drop of blood falls. (the shape of a crow tilting its head) america has stood on my back and jumped, the … Continue reading My Name is Pronounced ‘Revolution’

Perpetual Home | A Pro-Choice Poem

I was once told, that my body is my only perpetual home One that I rightfully and eternally supposedly own. A home in which I paint the walls whatever colors I want And plant whatever flowers I choose to display up front. My home where I express myself, My life choices, plans, future, and health. … Continue reading Perpetual Home | A Pro-Choice Poem

My Raw Thoughts On Depression

Depression. You and I were once close. And it's so ironic that you were the one who hurt me the most. And I don't mean to boast, but I'm doing better without you. There's nothing you could say or do to bring me back to a place of misery. 'Cause look, look what it did … Continue reading My Raw Thoughts On Depression

Trigger Warning

At 13, she is already held responsible if her shoulders are showing in school, she is sent home on behalf of the boys who are distracted. She grew up like this. By 16, it’s supposedly her fault if she wore the wrong skirt, drank too much, made a mistake. What did she think would happen? … Continue reading Trigger Warning

An Affirmation to Black Girls

Hello, mother, Hello, friend, Hello, sister, How you been? I love you so much. You’re so strong and so kind and so sweet. Your melanin mixes so well with your bright white teeth. Your high cheekbones And chocolate brown skin Greets me, warms me, and welcomes me To a world of knowing. For all we … Continue reading An Affirmation to Black Girls