Art by Stephanie Younger. Flowers grown in Teresa Younger’s garden.

Submit an article, podcast or interview to Black Feminist Collective, where submissions are always open! If you hear from our team, they will work with you on your submission. Afterwards your edited submission(s) will be sent back to you for you to approve it before publishing.

Part 1: Basic Information

· Name
· Pronouns
· Email address
· At least one link to where your submissions have been shared, if they have been shared before

Part 2: Writer’s Bio

· Bio (written in the third person’s point of view)
· Social media handles/links to platforms where people can support you
· A cover photo for your author’s bio page and credit to the person who created the image (optional).

Part 3: Submitting Your Work

· Titles of your submissions
· Describe your submissions
· Trigger/content warnings if needed
· Up to 5 uploaded files – (.mp3 files) for podcasts and documents (.docx files) for 100+ word writings.
· If see any mistakes after your work is published and need it edited, or if you want your works to be removed, please reach out to us anytime.

Want to re-publish work from Black Feminist Collective?

· Please reach out to to ask permission from the author and the editors before re-sharing/re-publishing content.