Here is an archive of poetry published on Black Feminist Collective.

To My Relative Who Called The Police

Anonymous • Content Warning: Mentions of suicide and self-harm, and descriptions of ableism and anti-Blackness.

Pain Poem

By Alexandra Brown •  Originally published on Magical Women • 

Sista, Be Free

By Tanya Barnett • 

My Blackness

By Tanya Barnett • 

Church Sestina

By Addison Walton • CW: This content contains descriptions of murder and white supremacy.


By Raina Cornish • 

Be Silence

By Nchedochukwu Ezeokoli • 


By Summar McGee •


By Sahana Kapumba •

Fire and Mud

By Kiarran T.L Diaz •

Black Music

By Baletica Genous • 

Stage 2

By Nelle Jones • 

Two Poets

By Quincy Evans • 


By Tene’sha Crews • 

Perpetual Home

By Tene’sha Crews •