Skyla Bailey

Skyla Bailey is passionate about educational racial justice and allowing everyone of all races to have equal opportunity and resources. She believes that education and knowledge is one of the biggest tools of success and that it is utterly essential that everyone has a proper tools of success to design their future. In addition to combating educational injustice, she is the current Program Lead for Team Enough VA, where she and her co-lead organize lobby days, collaborate with several activists in marginalized communities around Virginia, and keep members involved with intersectional webinars pertaining to gun violence prevention efforts. She was also the former co-outreach director for March for Our Lives VA. During her time at MFOL VA, she and her co-director hosted a town hall meeting in Richmond, Virginia where community leaders such as Schuyler VanValkenburg & Joshua Cole, progressive organizations such as RISE for Youth, and community members were able to talk about gun violence and ways to prevent it in our neighborhoods.

A Message to Virginia Department of Education (VDOE)

By Skyla Bailey • Our history classes constantly teach students to think of European History when they think of “American” History. However, African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and Latinx Americans are all part of America. Students of Color in Virginia want to learn more about our history and our stories.

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