Mariana Álvarez Castillo

Mariana Álvarez Castillo is a Diasporic, Caribbean and Decolonial Feminist, who holds a bachelor of Arts from the Central University of Venezuela and a Master’s Degree in Image Studies from the Alberto Hurtado University of Chile. She currently works as an Audiovisual Producer in Mexico City and writes for Afroféminas Magazine.

Dispute the Questions: Reflections on Non-Hegemonic Feminism in Latin America

By Mariana Álvarez Castillo • Originally published on Afroféminas • Regarding the feminist commemoration dates, it is important to think about some of the discussions that have historically taken place within the movement, but that in the context of the recent 8M are shaken, deepened, and resumed. I like to think that this is what these dates are for: not to assume that all the answers have been given, to surrender to the dilemma, the contradiction, the discomfort of being an activist, being anti-patriarchal, being anti-racist.

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Bodies and Forcefulness: The Experience of Blackness in the work of Delphine Desane

By Mariana Álvarez Castillo • Originally published on Afroféminas • Delphine Desane (B. 1988) places moments of her world in limbos of colors: from her experience as a Black woman in Europe, she brings situations, outfits, faces and hair to the canvas. With flat colored backgrounds and penetrating gazes, Delphine makes visible the Black corporality that surrounds her, from a place that involves the intimate, the meditative and the forceful.

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