Kayla Alexandria Dorancy is a recent graduate from Brooklyn College with a dual major BA in Philosophy and Political Science. Her focus study and researching consists of Black feminist theory, Black queer theory, Power Movements of the late 20th century, and more. As she anticipates beginning her PhD and JD in 2022, she hopes to utilized her education and experience to dismantle systems of inequity in education, civil rights, and human rights.

Demonizing Human Movement: Criminalizing Immigrants in the United States

By Kayla Dorancy • Immigration is a universal practice by people that’s survived countless generations. The United States is known universally as a “melting pot” of culture and nationality. The inclusion and diversity of America is often embraced and is her most remarkable feature yet, internationally. Racial and ethnic variety is claimed to be the foundation of the United States’ greatness.

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New York City School Integration, An Urban Legend

By Kayla Dorancy • If I were to ask you when New York City schools were integrated, what would you tell me? 1954 right? In fact, most people reference Brown versus The Board of Education and 1954 as when schools were integrated. You’re not wrong that in 1954 Brown versus Board of Education was won by abolishing separate but equal and compelled all schools in the United States to be fully integrated. However, the creation of laws to uphold the Supreme Court ruling and their enforcement were/are not reflective of the case’s ruling.

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