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Yemi Miller-Tonnet (she/her/hers) is a Black Queer Femme liberation strategist, abolitionist, and reproductive justice organizer. Based in Atlanta, GA, Yemi works as a domestic violence legal advocate, indie feminist bookseller, and abortion provider. Yemi is also a full-spectrum doula working with marginalized folks through their reproductive journeys.

On the Ancestral Blessing of a Union

By Yemi Miller-Tonnet •   During the Civil War,Harriet Tubman spent some monthsin South Carolina’s low countryworking as a nurse for the Union armyand a laundress in a local wash house.Harriett mended wounds,changed gauze, scrubbed linens,and hung shirts on clothespins.She worked and waiteduntil orders from the north camefor her to form a spy ring.She was to … Continue reading On the Ancestral Blessing of a Union

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