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Teresa Younger is an educator who enjoys history, writing, gardening, and loves being a part of a vibrant community. She earned her bachelor’s degree from UVA and her Master’s degree in education from USC, and has been living in Virginia since 2003 with her husband and her daughter.

Black Women and Girls Must Be Protected When We Are Alive

By Teresa Younger •  Content warning: Mentions of sexual violence and murder. According to PEW Research Center, 235 Black people were shot to death by the police in 2019. The social movement against systemic racism and police violence continued in 2020, when believers around the world turned out following the May 25th Police killing of … Continue reading Black Women and Girls Must Be Protected When We Are Alive

Reflections on Activism in 2020

By Teresa Younger •  During a conversation about Virginia Museum of History and Culture’s  Agents of Change: Female Activism in Virginia From Women’s Suffrage to Today, which featured a panel about my daughter, I was asked, “Is your child happy doing this work?” I wondered if I should respond by stating that since my child … Continue reading Reflections on Activism in 2020

Remembering my Father

By Teresa Younger •  Given the deep divides apparent in society today, it is refreshing to re-read Poet Laurent Maya Angelou’s “Human Family” poem as a reminder of our endless similarities. “Human Family” was featured in an Apple ad during the 2016 Summer Olympics, a world event that draws spectators by the million. Sports have … Continue reading Remembering my Father

Is it Open Season on Natural Hair?

By Teresa Younger •  Complete with unsolicited comments, touching attempts from strangers, and pressure to do away with your coils right now, or you risk the shame of being prevented from attending your graduation or losing gainful employment? Is natural hair controversy a real thing? How have generations dealt with this constant problem?  My news … Continue reading Is it Open Season on Natural Hair?

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