Tene’sha Crews uses activism, poetry, and art to encourage people to make a difference in the issues that affect varying communities.

Articles by this Author


By Tene’sha Crews •  “The pen is mightier than the sword” A sword that has grown from hate and drawn blood, Blood spilled onto books and the hearts of families Has sunk deeper into human veins than into a land’s mud. The girl is mightier than the hate, The hate that they paint in hope … Continue reading Mightier

It Has Happened Again

By Tene’sha Crews •  “It has happened again.” That thought echoes through my mind once more. I close my eyes and I pray. I pray for the family friend that the sun no longer gets to warm. I pray for the mother whose child she can no longer hold in her arms. I pray for … Continue reading It Has Happened Again

Don’t Forget

By Tene’sha Crews •  In the distance burning in the dark I see the flashing red and blue lights And then I think about the color of this paper and how all it’s missing is white And then I think about my country and if our choice of a leader was wrong or right I … Continue reading Don’t Forget

A Poem About Hair

By Tene’sha Crews •  Had Her Hate for Her Hair been cultivated or passed down? Passed through words like “nappy” and “needing of a perm Ignoring the monthly visits of that scalp stinging burn Like first it was grandmother, then mother, now it’s your turn To gradually detest your natural strands is what you’ll learn … Continue reading A Poem About Hair