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Tanya Barnett is a veteran and advocate, anti-racist Womanist, author, an adjunct professor, and a 2018 N.A.A.C.P. Hall of Famer. She has been featured on OWNTV, Essence Magazine, Huffington Post, The Today Show, Tom Joyner Morning Show, TEDx, Johns Hopkins University, NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus, FBI, EPA, Good Morning Washington, Great Day Washington, etc. She’s a 2x triathlete and 2x marathoner, historical fiction lover, wife, mom and an energetic Glam-ma.

Black Mommas

By Tanya Barnett •  I lie awake at night. Slowly dying on the inside. I am a Black momma. I am supposed to be strong. I am afraid. I am weak.  I cannot breathe. I feel the world’s hate. I cannot protect my kids. I call on the ancestors for protection. Nothing new under the … Continue reading Black Mommas

Sista, Be Free

By Tanya Barnett •  Come close so you can hear me.You’ve endured for too long. The time has finally come to shed the shackles. No more shrinking.No more hiding.No more playing safe.No more accepting abuse.No more lying to ourselves.No more ignoring the pain. It’s time for you to be free to…..Bask, Believe, Breathe, CryDance, Desire, … Continue reading Sista, Be Free


By Tanya Barnett •  How do I reconcile my blackness in the 21st century? Do I yell at the mountain tops that I am BLACK or do I act like my blackness doesn’t matter so I don’t offend white people? How do I reconcile my blackness in the 21st century? Do I check my coworker … Continue reading Reconciliation

My Blackness

By Tanya Barnett •  Dear world, no longer will I shrink away from my blackness in an attempt to make you finally love me. Oh you had me fooled. Hoodwinked. Bamboozled. You made me think if I permed my hair you would love me. You made me think if I wore a size 2 you … Continue reading My Blackness

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