Stephanie Younger


Stephanie is a 19-year-old based in Richmond, Virginia, where her work centers the intersections Black feminism and womanism have with abolition, specifically defunding and abolishing the police. She has also worked with other Black youth to dismantle the youth prison system in Virginia, and to invest in restorative ways (resources such as conflict resolution, conflict transformation, art etc.) to address harm and violence. In 2017, she created Black Feminist Collective, and believes that Black feminism and womanism are essential to abolition.

A Conversation with Ruby Sales

By Stephanie Younger • At the Katie Geneva Cannon Center for Womanist Leadership (KGCCWL) Virtual Spring Conference, I had the unforgettable experience of interviewing Ruby […]

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Review: Little Fires Everywhere

By Stephanie Younger • Little Fires Everywhere is a limited series on Hulu, based on the book the book authored and published in 2017 by […]

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The Movement that Cancelled R. Kelly

By Stephanie Younger • Content warning: This article has mentions of sexual violence. Could a hashtag topple the career of a popular artist? Hashtags have […]

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On Texturism and Misogynoir

By Stephanie Younger • Beyonce’s 8-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter has been subjected to despicable acts of anti-Blackness, from petitions calling on her parents to […]

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Black Girls Must Matter at School

By Stephanie Younger • This article was re-published on The Melanin Diary on November 22, 2018 • My advocacy for the abolition of youth prisons […]

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Film Review: The Hate U Give

By Stephanie Younger •  The Hate U Give is a film based on the acclaimed YA novel authored by Angie Thomas. Directed by George Tillman […]

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Why I Walked Out on My Own

By Stephanie Younger •  I am writing this as a Black student who was excluded from speaking at the Virginia National School Walkout Protest at […]

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Richmond Marches for Racial Justice

By Stephanie Younger •  On August 11-12, Klansmen, and Neo-Nazis attended the Unite the Right Rally, a demonstration against the removal of the Confederate monument. […]

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