Ryan Edward Perry is a SPED teacher living in Northern Virginia, new to understanding both feminism and my own Blackness. His recent learning and exploration has created the need for a place for him to both consume and share information and thoughts.

The Pain Of Anger

By Ryan Edward Perry • I was talking with one of my best friends today. She has recently, to my delightful surprise, become quite outspoken and engaging regarding social justice and the current state of American culture and the movements that have risen in that space. My friend, who is of Afro-Latinx descent, is married … Continue reading The Pain Of Anger

Crown Her With Many Crowns

By Ryan Edward Perry •  I did not always appreciate my Blackness. I used to be one of those “I’m not Black, I’m O.J.” types that purposefully eschewed the culture in favor of a more centrist approach to interpersonal relationships. I grew up and still reside in a place called Woodbridge, Virginia, just a half … Continue reading Crown Her With Many Crowns

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