Raina Cornish has written reviews on books/documentaries based on racism and also white privilege/preferences and poetry about her experience as a Black female.


By Raina Cornish •  Gone.You left.I stayed.I waited.But you, you left. I was ready to give up my name for you But you left. You came back.I let you in. Let your words poison my mind.“I love you.”“I need you.”“Only you.” I let you do what you wanted to me because I was scared to … Continue reading Gone.

Hermosos Tontos

By Raina Cornish •  Woman- noun ; an adult human female.  Human. But to man we are property. Coware. What women do when a man raises a fist to her.. If a woman is too strong, she wants to be a MAN.  If a woman doesn’t listen to her husband or boyfriend she is trying … Continue reading Hermosos Tontos

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