Kiarran T.L. Diaz is an Afro-Latinx writer and activist that advocates for intersectional womanism, LGBT+, and correcting the harm of non-diverse fiction.

Articles by this Author

Broken Tree

By Kiarran T. L. Diaz •  I will never know your happiness History only saved your pain Sleeping Ancestor, When we meet Will I represent your dreams, Or your shame? Ancestors tell me Where you sleep Where does your soul lie Do you laugh? Or do you weep Is there a home for you That … Continue reading Broken Tree

Fire and Mud

Dirt on my tongue  Each time I swallow my protests  It travels past my throat  And down my esophagus  Each time I walk into a room And see stolen work caged and imprisoned Dirt in my mouth  As I listen to them speak  About those that look just like me  A pat on my shoulder  … Continue reading Fire and Mud