Joyce Hounkanrin


Joyce Hounkanrin is a lawyer, and Ph.D student living in Bronx, NY. Her fifth book, When They Split My Soul Flowers Sprung Forth: A Black Womxn‘s Journey to Transformative Healing, was released in May 2020. She is the Director of Sis Our Space, an organization intentioned on uplifting and expanding the intellectual traditions of Black Women.

Giving Birth While Black

By Joyce Hounkanrin • “Do you want her?” The white nurse’s name was Millie and she proposed this question with regard to the impending birth of my daughter. I had voiced one fear.

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The Secret Language of Black Women

By Joyce Hounkanrin • What is embedded in the language of Black women? What belongs exclusively within our mouths? Briefly translated, there are secrets we have transported from the Middle Passage and kept secreted beneath our tongues; in the folds of our spirits; in the curves of our smiles; and in the salt of our tears. Our language is revealed in our loving; our food; and our mothering.

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