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Alexandra Brown is a secondary school RE teacher with an academic background in Liberation theologies (specialising in Womanist theology). Alexandra also specialises in Islam within the black American experience and social justice, with a particular focus on race, class and gender. Within her capacity as a teacher, Alexandra both theoretically and pragmatically engages with critical pedagogy and black feminist theory. She is also a freelance writer, poet and academic. Alexandra is British born of African-Caribbean (Ghanaian and Jamaican) heritage.

Pain Poem

By Alexandra Brown •  What is the difference between absence and loss? How would you articulate the ‘loss of loss’ and the ‘absence of absence’? What if, in your attempt to articulate, they both become synonymous? What if, you are in a state of sorrow and lament for something that was never your’s, or something … Continue reading Pain Poem

Reflections on Black Suffering, Grief and Re-imagining Freedom

By Alexandra Brown • This reflective piece is a summary and critical analysis of a conversation between author, activist, and Afro-Pessimist philosopher, Professor Frank B. Wilderson III and Chairman of ‘Before Columbus Foundation’, Justin Desmangles. The discussion was entitled, ‘Re-Imagining the Black Body: Race, Memory, and the Excavation of Freedom Now’.  I wish to begin … Continue reading Reflections on Black Suffering, Grief and Re-imagining Freedom

A Letter of Urgency

By Alexandra Brown •  I wish to begin by sharing a prose I wrote in response to the murder of George Floyd. Institutional, systematic and structural racism, feels like I am dying a slow and painful death. When I learnt of the murder of George Floyd, it was like trauma to the sou. I fell … Continue reading A Letter of Urgency

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