About Black Feminist Collective

Black Feminist Collective is an intergenerational online collective for & by Black womanists & Black feminists who advocate for the liberation of all Black folks. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more content, and subscribe to Black Feminist Collective to keep up with our posts every Saturday!

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Stephanie Younger

Photo Courtesy of Emilee McGovern

Hey! My name is Stephanie Younger, and I am an 18-year-old student, organizer and writer who advocates for womanism, and the abolition of prisons. In May 2017, I created Black Feminist Collective after I wrote an article spotlighting Black girls, women and non-binary people challenging the status quo. After a year and a half, I decided to begin collecting, editing and publishing writings from other Black people.

Jourdan Lobban

Photo Courtesy of Jourdan Lobban

Hey everyone, my name is Jourdan Lobban. I am 20 and a proud Delawarean advocating for gender equality, demolition of racial constructs, and the end of family/child/intimate partner abuse culture to name a few. Being into journalism has always been a part of my routine, but it wasn’t until I found publications like Black Feminist Collective that my voice could be heard in a space that celebrated it. When I am not napping and reading, or writing, practicing empowering self-talk fills up my typical day.

Contributing Writers

Want to contribute your writings to Black Feminist Collective? Following the Writer’s Guidelines, You cAN submit a poem that is at least 100 words, and/or an article that is at least 300 words through this form. Submissions are always open, and there is no experience required!


Black Feminist Collective a space for & by Black womanists & Black feminists who advocate for the liberation of all Black folks, meaning that we stand with each other, look out for each other as a community, and are intentional to stand for all Black lives. While it’s okay to have disagreements, and helping each other learn and grow is greatly encouraged, the line is drawn at misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, colorism, classism, ableism, and body shaming, etc.

With this publication being for & by Black womanists & Black feminists, and while active listening is encouraged, Black Feminist Collective does not serve as a venue for white people and other non-Black people to tone police the way Black people feel about and respond to issues that harm our communities. This isn’t a space for white people and other non-Black people to solicit emotional labor from Black people, or to alleviate discomfort by centering themselves when Black people share our experiences. This additionally is not a platform to gaslight us into caring less about the impact of more about the intentions.

The guidelines above are applicable Black Feminist Collective as a whole, including the publication and our social media pages.