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Black Feminist Collective has been recruiting people who are interested in working with contributing writers on submissions, and managing our social media pages, and facilitating teach-ins, roundtable discussions etc. The form to join Black Feminist Collective’s team is open until Saturday, April 24, 2021.


Black Feminist Collective is an intergenerational online community for & by Black womanists & Black feminists who advocate for the liberation of all Black folks, meaning that we stand with each other, look out for each other as a community, and are intentional to stand for the liberation of all Black lives. While it’s okay to have disagreements, and active listening, and learning and growing from each other is greatly encouraged, the line is drawn at:

  • Misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, colorism, classism, ableism, xenophobia, body shaming, ageism, classism, elitism. The line is also drawn at tone policing, gaslighting, targeting, bullying of folks who call it out and supporters and writers of Black Feminist Collective.
  • Passing off someone else’s labor as their own, and taking credit/passing it off as their own.
  • The line is also drawn at co-optation of this space as a self-improvement venue for white people to demand emotional labor, or to gaslight and invalidate Black people’s experiences; to patronize us about our lived experiences and how we fight for our own liberation; to tone police the way Black people respond to our lived experiences.
  • While the comment sections on this publication, and all of our social media pages are closely moderated, not all of the comments can’t be read. In that case, private messages are open on all our social media pages, to any and all people to warn us of trolls who do all of the above, (including those who bombard people with slurs and threats).
  • We advise white followers our social media pages, to privately message those who co-opt Black Feminist Collective as a self-improvement space, so Black people in this space aren’t forced to do the labor of “educating” someone on how to not oppress us.

The expectations apply to the Black Feminist Collective as a whole, including the publication and our social media pages.

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