About Black Feminist Collective

Black Feminist Collective is an intergenerational online collective of Black womanists and feminists who advocate for the liberation of all Black folks. Follow Black Feminist Collective on Facebook and Instagram for more content. You can keep our website going by ordering a t-shirt for $15 to $17.50.

Write for Black Feminist Collective

Submit an article, poem or interview, to Black Feminist Collective, where submissions are always open and no experience in writing is required! After you hear from Black Feminist Collective’s 17-year-old founder and editor-in-chief, Stephanie Younger, she will work with you on your article if any necessary edits to your submission(s) are needed. After necessary edits are made, you wll be sent an edited version of your submission(s) for you to approve for publishing. As of right now, Black Feminist Collective is not offering compensation. 

Writer’s Guidelines

You will be asked write your:

  • Full Name
  • Age (optional)
  • Gender pronouns (optional)
  • Email address
  • A short one to two sentence bio
  • A Microsoft Word document of your article(s), interview and/or poetry
  • Details about your submission
  • An image that best aligns with your submission
  • Credit to the photographer, artist, website, magazine and/or newspaper
  • You’ll also be asked if you’re willing to pass on this opportunity to other Black people

Want Black Feminist Collective to publish an interview from a podcast you host?

  • Make sure you’ve uploaded a transcript of the interview before you submit an audio file. 

If you have any trouble submitting through the Google Form, please don’t hesitate to email your submission(s), with a subject line that reads, “Black Feminist Collective Submission,” with the same requirements to the founder and editor-in-chief. If you prefer to submit anonymously, please feel free not to write your name or a bio. Thank you!

Partner with Black Feminist Collective

Email our founder and editor-in-chief to discuss partnership. In your email, include details about your organization, discuss how we can work together and how we can both benefit from the collaboration. It is not guaranteed that we will be able to collaborate. Thank you!

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