In Commemoration of Black August

  • What is Black August?
  • Guest Speaker: Ruby Sales
  • What have you been doing during Black August to honor Black Resistance?
  • What does freedom look like to you?

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Black August commemoration teach-in! Facilitated by Micaela Stevenson and Stephanie Younger, we were joined by attendees and guest speaker Ruby Sales to share what Black August what we’ve been doing to honor Black resistance, freedom fighters and political prisoners. You can now watch a recording of the teach-in, and view this list (courtesy of Nomi, Bethany, Teresa and Stephanie) we compiled of what we’ve been reading.

What We’ve Been Reading

  • Black Bourgeois by E. Franklin Frazier
  • Murder Incorporated by Mumia Abu Jamal
  • Black on Both Sides: A Racial History of Trans Identity by C. Really Snorton
  • Book 9 by Vita Wa Watu
  • We Are Our Own Liberators by Jalil Muntaqim
  • Soledad Brothers: The Prison Letters by George Jackson
  • Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin