“Pain Poem,” by Alexandra Brown

By Alexandra Brown • 

Originally published on Magical Women • 

What is the difference between absence and loss?

How would you articulate the ‘loss of loss’ and the ‘absence of absence’?

What if, in your attempt to articulate, they both become synonymous?

What if, you are in a state of sorrow and lament for something that was never your’s, or something you’ve never experienced?

Yet not having it plagues you with a sense of anguish and a deep feeling that you are not whole?

What if your screams of pain and torment are so loud that it transcends the limited capacity of the human ear…and dwells in the terrain of the divine?

Perhaps in such a place, our cries and groans are transformed into soothing melodies that connects us with our creator.

Alexandra Brown

Alexandra Brown is a secondary school RE teacher with an academic background in Liberation theologies (specialising in Womanist theology). Alexandra also specialises in Islam within the Black American experience and social justice, with a particular focus on race, class and gender. Within her capacity as a teacher, Alexandra both theoretically and pragmatically engages with critical pedagogy and black feminist theory. She is also a freelance writer, poet and academic. Alexandra is British born of African-Caribbean (Ghanaian and Jamaican) heritage.