Stephanie Younger

By Lux Aghomo •

The president called my people ‘thugs.’

They riot, loot, run through the streets for justice, really just tired.

The Hate You Give Makes us Wanna set this country on fire.

In 2014, people came together to chant “I can’t breathe,” in 2020 we’re still suffocating.

George Floyd called out “Mama,” but does the Mother land really hear us?

A people stolen still has no place in America. Instead they fear us.

Equality says, “we bleed RED,” but the WHITE thrive and the BLUE are always protected. Has our flag ever waved for the Black and Brown?

So people riot, all colors alike, but the Black people get arrested, and the rest stay to fight.

At night, it’s harder to see the skin of others, so they set fire to buildings, just so you can see the anger on dark faces one more time before the country goes numb again.

George Floyd died innocent, but what you expect when he’s see as a “thug”?

Still can’t see the mountaintop, but we will keep going higher.

The Hate You Give Makes Us Wanna Set This Country on Fire.