Raina Cornish

By Raina Cornish • 

Woman- noun ; an adult human female. 

Human. But to man we are property.

Coware. What women do when a man raises a fist to her..

If a woman is too strong, she wants to be a MAN. 

If a woman doesn’t listen to her husband or boyfriend she is trying to drive him away..

If a woman stands up to her man she’s trying to make his image bad..

If a woman catches him cheating, she’s supposed to turn a blind eye..

But let HIM catch HER. There is no blinders involved.

SHE gets hit.. SHE gets kicked out.. SHE is the true broken one.. Not him..

Girls. Obsessing over the good looking.. Not realizing the evil behind the smile..

Not seeing the fear that lies ahead if she takes the path of this boy..

She doesn’t see him.. She sees the beautiful eyes and beautiful teeth..

Boys.. they don’t see the true pain within her.. 

Attracted to her cute face & beautiful waist. 

Every curve that turns the right way.. 

But beneath all that.. Is a shy scared girl, trying to find her way. Beneath the shiny plump lips lies a scream of fear..

HELP she says.. But she doesn’t want you to hear.. 

Girls need love, boys do too.. But it just turns out that the human race, is just filled with beautiful fools..

Raina Cornish has written reviews on books/documentaries based on racism and also white privilege/preferences and poetry about her experience as a Black female.