“Be Silence,” by Nchedochukwu Ezeokoli

By Nchedochukwu Ezeokoli • 


the air rang clearly with the loudness of nothingness

lingering ever so gently 

filling the empty spaces between the spaces

filled solely with atoms of life

she spoke to me

disrupting the stillness

mind raced in

fetching images of trauma past lived

repressing images of trauma presently living

your Father, says you are taking after me

says you pay him no mind

mind projects images

as ears accept the reverberating sound waves so casual leaving her lips

heedlessly destroying me as each wave carries the ill fated words to the center of my mind

obliterating peace 

filling empty space

where solace I found

lost I became

your Father, she starts again

no, I interrupt

my Father, I begin

is a disease to society so carefully crafted

lovingly with hands of toxic masculinity

through the thorough care of sexism

feed sustenance of misogyny

upholding the patriarchy

epithets weighing heavily in the air

pressing strongly against my chest

conjuring a heart attack of emotion

my Father, I start

an abyss 

absent of sound

a dessert

I will not cross

devoid of life sustaining water

slowly killing those who wander too far into its depths

for who he wants me to be is silence 

ever so yielding to sound

giving way easily to his noise

subduing its nature 

unquestioningly compliant

Bringing life to words and worlds through poetry and stories, Nchedo Ezeokoli is passionate about writing, non-western healing modalities, community building, and taking space.