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Listen: A Book Review of “Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future” by A.S King

Jourdan Lobban aims to live life in all of its rising tides and calm waters, with some books, and writing journals.

The Terrifying Future of Autonomy

By Jourdan Lobban • “Defiant!” “Fresh!” “Rude!” Those titles followed me all through my childhood and into my teen years. Anytime I did something bad, I knew what was coming.

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Why We Skip the Middle

By Jourdan Lobban • After becoming frustratingly bored reading my latest book, my commitment was no more. Instead of powering through the dry spell, my fingers practiced the ultimate sin, which skipping through the book.

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A Love Letter to Black Girls

By Jourdan Lobban • February 2nd was Groundhog Day, although one little critter can’t possibly change the swirling halo of frigid cold we must all endure (insert sad face). It’s also one of the few precious days making up Black History Month.

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