“Broken Tree,” by Kiarran T. L. Diaz

By Kiarran T. L. Diaz • 

I will never know your happiness
History only saved your pain
Sleeping Ancestor,
When we meet
Will I represent your dreams,
Or your shame?

Ancestors tell me
Where you sleep
Where does your soul lie
Do you laugh?
Or do you weep
Is there a home for you
That I can keep

Is there a heaven
For the lost and not found
Who will see me
When I pass
Who will want me around
Was I enough
Or Was I too much
Ancestors find me
Before I wake up

Kiarran T.L. Diaz is an Afro-Latinx writer and activist that advocates for intersectional womanism, LGBT+, and correcting the harm of non-diverse fiction.

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