“Black Music,” by Baletica Genous

By Baletica Genous • 

The nerve of white men
To read my email
To read my email
To read my email
And still misspell my name
He giggles and shrugs and says its just so different
He’s never heard it before
Just where does that name come from?
How does one get it out?
It is one name that starts in the back and rolls to the front of your mouth like marbles
It rolls back
Keep it stored to suck on
Speak it with the existence of angels and honeydew
Meditate on it
Use it only with complete syllables
Clap your hands to it
Like you would jazz
You could love
Exhale into trombones

Let it rumble
Choke on it
Til it swells and implants in your throat
So that
For the next 360 breaths you remember.

Baletica Genous is a writer and book lover that lives in Chicago with her wife and two joys.