“Two Poets,” by Quincy Evans

By Quincy Evans • 

Excuse me, I’d like to re-introduce myself. I’m a good time.

A misunderstanding. A plea and a red flag all at once. I’ll forever be that boy who gets really excited when the sky is in pretty colors.

You slip into my mind so quietly, –like air in a window I always forget to close,– and you’ve reserved a place in there, and I don’t think you’ll be moving out anytime soon.

I’ve fallen in love with the idea of you. It’s just as simple as that.

Yet, it gets more and more challenging to continuously think about you without having the courage to do anything about it. I’ve lived without you before but, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it again.

It’s become such a beautiful thing because I’ve gotten so comfortable with you, I’ve realized I find myself telling you things I’ve never said out loud before

I am too shy to come to you empty handed, so I’ll plant myself in the soil and bloom into the flower you deserve. A breed of dandelion for innocence and a white rose for beauty.

I’d give you the whole world if I could, but you don’t deserve all that weight on your shoulders.

The thought of you is like my skin, it surrounds every inch of me.

I don’t ask for the universe from you, just a little corner in your heart where I can lay my head when this world tired me.

A heart that beats when you make your appearance, and eyes that weeps when you go away.