Victoria N. McGovern Photography

By Tene’sha Crews • 

“The pen is mightier than the sword”

A sword that has grown from hate and drawn blood,

Blood spilled onto books and the hearts of families

Has sunk deeper into human veins than into a land’s mud.

The girl is mightier than the hate,

The hate that they paint in hope of spreading fear

Shivers in the shadows of a girl’s powerful mind.

The ground shakes with her presence near.

The world is mightier with the girl.

The girl with knowledge, education, and the power to change

Is enough to defeat an army built from hate

Who, like the sword is promised a broken fate.

The girl draws the future with her pen.

She writes peace with her mind

And destroys the hate they left within.

In a war against the darkest kind

The girl who is mightier will always win.

Tene’sha Crews uses activism, poetry and art to encourage people to make a difference in the issues that affect varying communities.