By Tene’sha Crews • 

“It has happened again.” That thought echoes through my mind once more.

I close my eyes and I pray.

I pray for the family friend that the sun no longer gets to warm.

I pray for the mother whose child she can no longer hold in her arms.

I pray for the soldiers. I pray for the innocent.

And my heart aches because I know it may happen again.

Or instead I know that it will happen again.

The news blurts out yet another tragedy.

Another tragedy in a place where people are supposed to feel safe.

Yet the combination of hate and bullets had created a deadly potion.

A deadly potion that did not have to seal anyone’s fate.

But here it is and it’s still happening.

It’s happening in the streets, it’s happening in war.

And then It bleeds into schools, and into churches and what for?

I don’t know.

But I do know that hate is at the roots.

Poisoning the branches and rotting the fruit.

It is not okay.

And it never has been.

But at some point, we have to ask ourselves when?

When will there be some kind of a change?

Where the spilled blood hasn’t left so many dark stains.

And the long list of dead has collected fewer names.

When will be there be a change?

I do not know and I don’t think any of us do.

But if hand in hand what could we pursue?

I assume something good.

I believe something worth it.

But only together can we find a true purpose.

Tene’sha Crews uses activism, poetry, and art to encourage people to make a difference in the issues that affect varying communities.

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