By Raina Cornish • 

Racial profiling, “color blindness”, racist crimes, hatred. These are all issues that are making the world more divided than ever. People always say that we need to stop history from repeating itself, but how can we stop it if we continue to add fuel to the fire of racism and bias to other races? MTV released a documentary back in 2015 labeled White People directed by Jose Antonio Vargas. His reason behind doing a documentary such as this one was to talk about the uncomfortable truth of racism and to shed more light on it. Watching the documentary made me, as a biracial woman, feel as if some people get it and a lot of them don’t get the whole idea of modern-day racism.

The term “color blindness” was brought up a lot in the documentary, the definition I found online refers to it as a sociological term for the disregard of racial characteristics… (via wiki). I look at that term as just a way for people to run away from a lifelong issue due to fear. Yes, people who say they are “colorblind” aren’t bad people, but they need to see the truth behind all the wash overs. Racism is alive and well.  People that are referring to themselves as “colorblind” strive for the goal of equality. But to me the way to go about it isn’t just by Caucasians saying they are “color blind”. It’s talking about the issue and nipping it in the rear before any of it gets more out of hand than it is.

By pushing the problems of modern-day racism to the side, we as people are letting it fester. One day, hopefully not soon, it’s going to erupt into something far worse than a few people cutting off Nike logos due to a football player kneeling for equal rights. People constantly tell me that modern-day racism isn’t real. I always ask the question “how?” and I never get a straight reply. Modern-day racism is all around us daily. In schools, work spaces, the news, prisons, and any other place that is open to a public source. The most corrupt place in my opinion is the prison systems and the school system. In the essay “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander, she gives an example of modernized racism among the election of 2008 also known as the Obama Era. She declares that “the colorblind public consensus…the widespread belief that race no longer matters has blinded us to the realities of race in our society…(240)”. This statement is my key point of evidence.

If race didn’t matter, then why are there constant news stories on Facebook and other social media about how a white kid was bullied so he shot up a school? Or a white guy raped a little Black girl and gets a week in jail or less? Modern racism is right there in front of everyone’s faces. Either they see it, or they turn a blind eye to it. I recently saw a story on social media about two men committing the same crime. Both first time offenders, but one was Black, and the other was white. Guess who got the longer sentence? The Black man. If race didn’t matter, then why are most school shootings committed by white adolescents? Black children could receive the same amount of bullying, get into a fight, then be labeled as a dangerous felon. But if a white person does it they get justified. What else is there to say besides racism is real, “color blindness” is made up, and history is slowly repeating itself?

Raina Cornish has written reviews on books/documentaries based on racism and also white privilege/preferences and poetry about her experience as a Black female.