Richmond Grid

In the distance burning in the dark

I see the flashing red and blue lights

And then I think about the color of this paper and how all it’s missing is white

And then I think about my country and if our choice of a leader was wrong or right

I think about the documents, who they were written by. and if everyone here owns the same rights

And then I realize….not everyone. I realize that most of this soil was sown on lies

I realize that even though I want to hold strong American pride

The more things that I see pulled out of the dark, the more that I want to hide

Then I think about the news, and that long list, how in my brain burned their name

How the pictures that they broadcasted seemed to reverse the blame

How as years went on the list continued to grow

And the light the media shown dimmed, for only the loved ones to know

I mean it happens so often, so why broadcast it anymore?

It happens so often so why try to change it anymore?

Why try to yell that it matters and it gets pushed right out the door?

Because even if they block out their ears, don’t forget what we’re doing this for.

Written by Tene’sha Crews, who uses activism, poetry, and art to encourage people to make a difference in the issues that affect varying communities.

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