“My Confessions,” by Kolby Whack

By Kolby Whack • 

I am a nonconformist.
Semi conservative liberalist
Broken binary
Gender role hating
Masculinity equals femininity generalist non institutionalized
Institutionalized soldier
2+2=5 if you give me the paper
Time is an illusion
and atoms create evens
but Eve is Adam
her rib is his rib
And ribs are meant for Eden
but I love a good side salad
boss chicks, hair flips
ball dribbles with a flick of the finger
Trigger this.
I love the sound of a bullet whistle.
But kill my brother, it’s become personal. 
A hopeless romantic, with no hope for love, and peace or war.
Not sure if I’m Martin, or any means necessary like Malcolm X.
Convex or concave.
Damn. Can the world just be what it wants Get High and save trees
Burn trees for good nights under the stars with loved ones
The moon and the stars match my instincts.
It’s my horoscope.
My horoscope crawls across the grounds in into craters and streams.
It packs a mean sting.
And he screamed. She screams repeatedly. I’m deadly.
I’m awakened by mountains and peaks.
I scream for ice cream on hot summer days.
And burnt coal on barbecues and sometimes under my Christmas tree.
I confess that I sin but I shout hallelujah in the end.
God is my savior but I’m still scared of aliens under my bed.
Trapped in my head.
I have anxiety rushing in the crinkles of my skin.
What do you do when you feel dying….
And you have flash backs of times you were flying in heaven.
Seven days. And you were back.
But my healing is Whack. Whack saved the day.
JCole just hit play or Chance…
Chances are I’m just a kid on green drugs. Money that is.

Kolby Whack attends Ball State University where she majors in Exercise Science with a concentration in Occupational Therapy. With poetry and spoken word as her go-to’s and meditation, she has had the privilege of being apart of Word as Bond Poetry team and has participated in Brave New Voices Spoken Word Competition.