45 Things Black Girls Are Tired of Hearing and Experiencing

Art by Stephanie Younger

The following list is based on real micro-aggressions and instances of racism I’ve experienced. The sculpture I created in a class at Art 180 symbolizes how I have transcended the misogyny and racism I have experienced and internalized. Through this sculpture, I want to intraracially, as well as interracially educate people on building an intersectional and racially just society.

  1. You’re so articulate.
  2. All girls matter and not just Black girls.
  3. You should babysit my kids.
  4. Racism will be over when there are more mixed people.
  5. *Believes Black Lives Matter — except for female, queer, trans, non-binary and immigrant Black lives*
  6. You think you’re grown.
  7. Thug/Hooligan.
  8. *Defends Black men who disrespect Black women and girls*
  9. You need to stop ranting about things that aren’t important.
  10. *Goes to the Women’s March but never a Black Lives Matter rally*
  11. You’re always dwelling on the negative aspects of your life.
  12. Not all white women.
  13. But I’m so anti-Trump!
  14. You think you’re grown. Kids should be seen and not heard.
  15. Why are you so quiet? You must be stuck-up.
  16. I help people of color too! I’ve been to [insert African country here]
  17. Stop attacking us!
  18. I never want to see that ungracious behavior again.
  19. You are being disrespectful.
  20. Stop acting out.
  21. I wish I was light-skinned.
  22. White girl.
  23. *N-word*
  24. That was in the past. They’ve probably changed. It’s not like they’re still racist.
  25. I’m really sorry you feel that way.
  26. *Touches hair without permission*
  27. Why are you a Black feminist? Why can’t you just be a feminist?
  28. Don’t say Black, say African-American.
  29. Maybe you shouldn’t be working with us if you’re going to be attacking us.
  30. Can we please not make this about race?
  31. This is about all lives, American lives and not Black lives.
  32. You are just complaining.
  33. Why does everything have to be about Black girls? They’re not the only people.
  34. Why are Black girls so angry?
  35. Why is it only okay for Black kids to say the N-word?
  36. Was your dad an athlete in college?
  37. You look like you play basketball.
  38. You have a good grade of hair.
  39. If you don’t like this country, get out.
  40. You’re a kid. You can’t vote. Your voice doesn’t matter.
  41. Stop talking about race!
  42. Can’t we all just come together regardless of race?
  43. You’re not exchanging your opinions peacefully.
  44. *unfollows me on Instagram because of my politics*
  45. Did you threaten [insert white girl here]?

Written by Stephanie Younger, a 15-year-old student activist, organizer and writer who advocates for Womanism, diversity in S.T.E.A.M, the abolition of youth prisons and gun violence prevention

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